Best Cat Chew Toys

Our beautiful cats sometimes look like very lonely pets, but on the other hand they also need affection, attention, a lot of affection, and even more, a lot of physical activity, as this will keep them happy. It is for this reason that an ideal option for our beloved felines is to give them a detail with some toy.

Normally they are some animals that sleep in the majority of the day, but to play for them will be important, this especially because the cats present a very undesirable mastication that even becomes destructive, it represents a great danger for our and it would cause us damages to objects of value. For various reasons are generated this chewing, either by curiosity or dentition, even boredom, like humans our cats explore with the mouth from childhood to adulthood. For this reason, we will recommend some toys so that they can have fun and chew without any inconvenience.

There are colorful balls, they are usually very pleasant for cats, they can be small, between 3 and 4 cm in diameter and their EVA rubber material, they are quite light and even bounce, which makes our felines can hold and bite them without any problem.

Colored rubber balls for biting

There are also some pet cuddly toys, which are ideal for our pet, are made of a material that is not toxic, are soft, spongy and very comfortable to play, also emit nice sounds that even serve to train our cat.

Toy design goose to bite

We can find a very funny, captivating and original rubber toy, this innovative chew toy has an internal squeaker, is ideal for our cat to have fun while chewing, emits a sound every time it is tight. Something very important of this toy, is that it serves for the dental care of the mascot, since the dental nuts with spike that this one has clean of efficient way the teeth of the cat, promoting also the health of the mold and of the glister. It is a thermoplastic rubber material that is soft, very durable, resists tearing and quite flexible and even more important for nothing toxic. It is very easy to clean.

Chewable rubber toy

Finally, we will show a fun toy called Auker, this is a stuffed toy for cats, which is used to chew and clean their teeth, is a toy shaped like a cat, and made of plush that helps us reduce the production of plaque from our feline. It comes in many attractive colors for our pet. It is stuffed with Catnip, this has a solid aroma that serves to stimulate the cats to play, this aroma will irritate our cat, and will go crazy of fun when playing with him.

Auker chewable stuffed toy

We remember that it is very important for the health of our cat to have something adequate to combat anxiety and boredom, in this case a toy that serves to bite, have fun and at the same time take care of his oral health, and we take care that boredom and the desire to bite lead to damage things at home. All for the welfare and care of our feline children.